Written & Erected by Brian Sturges

Wall of Flesh: A Vinatge Comedy Movie Poster
An Awesome Stoner Comedy Movie Poster

Wall of Flesh: An Awesome Stoner Comedy Full Movie

Wall of Flesh: A Vintage Comedy Trailers

Wall of Flesh: The Complete Soundtrack

Faded musician and loveable loser Tommy Bruno must get The Wall of Flesh Band back together in order to provide for the hippie daughter he didn't know he had in this satirical, slapstick take on 1970s low-budget raunchy stoner comedies.

Shocking Content, Adult Themes and Drug Use. No joke is off limits, skip if easily offended. Prop/Fake Nudity Warning. No micropenises were harmed in the making of this minor motion picture.

Genres: Comedy

Starring: Brian Sturges, Kalilah Harris, Aliyah Conley, Josh Willis, Ted Reis, Shamar Philippe, John Copeland, & Allison Bills.

Writer, Director & Composer: Brian Sturges

Cast Tommy Bruno - Brian Sturges

The Groupie - Gina Moreno

Officer Mahoney - Bruce Van Patten

Jack Michael - Vaccaro

Jail Guard - Akello Stone

Mason Bruno - John Copeland

Lemkin - Allison Bills

Jake Elwood - Josh Willis

Mr. McGregory - Gregory Blair

Kora - Kalilah Harris

Diner Patron - MarĂ­a Serrano

Skateboard Punk - Paul DuPree

Sue - Molly Wixson

Harmony Bruno - Aliyah Conley

Helen - Erin Coleman

Chet - Topher Prawdzik

Magical Musical Meece - Jeff Garrido

Magical Musical Meece - Timothy Hall

Magical Musical Meece - Zach Swann

Deborah - Nicole Payne

Dan - Jason Bornstein

Timmy - Taye Reiss

Veteran Thalmann - Edward Headington

Veteran Morricone - Cory Blothenburg

Veteran Leone - Roger Fath

Veteran Capt. McCann - Mike McCann

Veteran - Erin Marie Durcan

Veteran - Helen McMillion-Siah

Veteran - Josh J. Zamora

Gala Attendee - George Clarke

Gala Attendee - Dionne Danae

Gala Attendee - Erika Holzhausen

Gala Attendee - Jennifer Jo Mokiao

Gala Attendee - Saavan Patel

Karen - Sarah Oliver

Paramedic - Michael Guzniczak

Paramedic - Tony Maccio

Children's Choir Singer - Evan Alex

Children's Choir Singer - Krystal Christensen

Children's Choir Singer - Colin Parker Daniels

Children's Choir Singer - Sydney Hooper

Children's Choir Singer - Scarlett Lopez

Children's Choir Singer - Madison Medrano

Children's Choir Singer - Matt Lewis

Children's Choir Singer - Kaeshawn Scott

Children's Choir Singer - Jaden Tran

Children's Choir Singer - Amber Rei

Children's Choir Singer - Corrina Verrengia

Children's Choir Singer - Ashten Ware

Deaf Choir Teacher - Vae

Talent Show Host - Chris McGowan

Lil' Sky Skrapah - Adrien Epps

Sriracha Davis - Braxton Brooks

Principal - Vincenzo Carubia

Diner Patron - Sean Conley

Vic - Kevin Mosteller

The Wife - Julia Morizawa

Karl DoQui - Ted Reis

Puddin' - Mortimer

Riley King - Shamar Philippe

Gospel Choir Singer - Reesha Archibald

Gospel Choir Singer - Cliff Beach

Gospel Choir Singer - Carla Carter

Gospel Choir Singer - Lydia Rene

Gospel Choir Singer - Parneille Walker

Officer Gavone - Rich Baker

Man In Truck - Ken Elamparo

Man In Truck - Mike Gamms

Man In Truck - Raheem Lee

Music Student - Izzy Barth

Music Student - Kyra Barth

Music Student - Anaya Marzola

Music Student - Kaito Marzola

Music Student - Sachi Reiss

Melody - Devenity Perkins