Fox Renard

Fox Renard

Fox Renard has worked mainly within the I.T. field throughout his daytime career and a DJ by night. Now working as a Journalist, Graphic designer, Social Manager, P.A., Driver and a 2nd class General Dogsbody.

Fox has been a DJ for over 26 years, and has played in multiple countries under many different alias -
Hazyfox / Foxinnabox / Guy Fawx / S.M.G. / Red Tyrant / Sir Wheat / The Twunt.

He also founded and managed SubcultureDJs in the UK, a collective of talented djs producers and artists and has worked with / rappongi, slynk, multiculture, tidy, swag, barracuda and a vast number of other dance events/labels/venues way too embarrassing to mention.

Fox has also kept an online weekly audio broadcast for his fans for over 15 yrs which is currently called *HazyVegas* and can be heard by visiting on saturdays at 2pm (pst) the stream channel is 24/7 dance music and also streams via and the tunein app.


Fox has his own clothing line currently displayed at 2 stores

The range is called "Teesh Hurtz" as well as the usual merch there are also a collection of punny designs as well as arty full print designs and team shirts for the "High Rollers" a local skate crew in Las Vegas.

Fox has been graphic designing for clients all over the world for the past 10 years. Some of his work has even ended up in well known celebrity trophy rooms. Client list available on request.

Twuntwurx is a registered trademark of some weird asshole that lives in an ivory tower up on route 215.