Poor Life Choices Comedy Film Festival

Poor Life Choices Comedy Film Festival is dedicated to promoting and celebrating the best and boldest comedy has to offer by showcasing comedic writing, directing, sketch, improv, shorts, and feature films.

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Children's Hospital Los Angeles Poor Life Choices

Poor Life Choices Productions is proud to donate 100% of its ticket sales to the Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Our content may be for adults, but our intent is to help give children and their families the needed specialized medical care that only Children’s Hospital can provide. Tickets on FilmFreeway.com include three days of online screenings plus Awards Show.


Domestic and International "Best" awards for all categories.  “Truth in Comedy Award” for best grounded comedy. “Alternative-Alternative Award” for positive representation of alternative lifestyles. "The Poorest Life Choice Award", short & feature to the projects that best represent the spirit of the Poor Life Choices Comedy Film Festival.

Classic Comedy Short Film

Classic Comedy Feature Film

Dark/Blue Comedy Short Film

Dark/Blue Comedy Feature Film

Horror-Comedy Short Film

Horror-Comedy Feature Film

Mockumentary Short Film

Mockumentary Feature Film

Rom-Com Short Film

Rom-Com Feature

Stoner/Cannabis Comedy Short Film

Stoner/Cannabis Comedy Feature Film

Comedy Web Series

Comedy Sketch

Improv Comedy

Specialty Awards

Best Alternative-Alternative Comedy Award

Best Ensemble Award

Truth in Comedy Award

Poorest Life Choice Award | Short

Poorest Life Choice Award | Feature


Classic Comedy Short Film | Domestic | As Is

Classic Comedy Short Film | International | Hard Core Pong

Comedy Sketch | Domestic | Banana Phone

Comedy Web Series | Domestic | Third Shift

Comedy Web Series | International | The Void Rebooted

Dark/Blue Comedy Feature Film | Domestic | The Disposal of Dead Ned

Dark/Blue Comedy Feature Film | International | Shards

Dark/Blue Comedy Short Film | Domestic | Cannonball

Dark/Blue Comedy Short Film | International | Rubbish Robbers

Horror-Comedy Short Film | Domestic | Bitches in Cabins

Horror-Comedy Short Film | International | The Not So Bright Vampire

Improv Comedy | Domestic | Bench

Improv Comedy | International | Open for Submissions

Mockumentary Feature Film | Domestic | Blacktop Sundayz

Mockumentary Feature Film | International | Shadows of History - Hitler's Secret Bioweapons

Mockumentary Short Film | Domestic | Artista Obscura

Mockumentary Short Film | International | Gino's Detective Agency

Rom-Com Feature Film | Domestic | Mind of Its Own

Rom-Com Feature Film | International | Three Kids and A Dad

Rom-Com Short Film | Domestic | Damsel

Stoner/Cannabis Comedy Feature Film | Domestic | Waiting Room

Stoner/Cannabis Comedy Feature Film | International | Wackadoodle Stoner/Cannabis

Comedy Short Film | Domestic | LSD And Me: Project Mk Ultra

Specialty Awards

Best Alternative-Alternative Comedy | Jules & Eli

Best Ensemble | Fantasy Pony

Truth in Comedy | Sweep

Poorest Life Choice Short AKA Best Short Film | Banana Phone

Poorest Life Choice Feature AKA Best Feature Film | Drack

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