Kaalgat Karel

Kaalgat Karel

Rom-Com Feature Film

Directed by
Meg Rickards

Country of Origin
South Africa


KAREL VENTER lives with his best friend FLIP, and is hooked on the adrenalin buzz as well as the online fame that he achieves by streaking at sports matches.

During one disastrous streak at a golf tournament, he runs away from the security officials and impales himself on a palisade fence. Ouch!

An alluring paramedic appears with a jaws-of-life tool – RITA SWART. Karel falls head over heels in love.

Problem is, Rita is a strait-laced single mom who has no intention of dating a streaker.

Will Karel manage to shed his addiction, and to win Rita’s heart away from the terribly eligible plastic surgeon, JEAN-PIERRE DU TOIT?

Or will Karel stage a comeback streak, to counter the rising fame of rival streaker VUYO TSHABALALA?