Canine Crusher

Canine Crusher
Action-Comedy Feature Film
Directed by

Drew Hance

Country of Origin

United States



When a dentist obsessed with world domination gets a sweet tooth for chaos, it’s up to Dick Pringles, AKA Canine Crusher to try and stop him. An unlikely hero, Canine Crusher has unmatched fighting skills and the ability to shoot flames from a cane. With the help of legendary heroes like Siren Songboy and Spider-man, does Canine Crusher have what it takes to restore order to time and save the day?

Canine Crusher is an unscripted action movie that was made scene-by-scene. After each scene was completed, it was posted to the internet where viewers would leave comments suggesting what should happen next. The suggestions were selectively implemented with original elements to create an entire plot. The movie was shot, acted, edited, and scored by one person, Drew Hance.