The Void: Rebooted

THE VOID- Rebooted
Comedy Web Series
Directed by

Joe Bauer

Country of Origin




A "skit-com" comedy series about a small group of oppressed young filmmakers trapped by contract on a never-ending (18 years and counting) feature film production appropriately titled "The Void". Helmed by Gustaf, their fascist, egomaniacal writer-director, who is perpetually re-writing and changing direction. The episodes revolve around the six underlings - Lu, the drama queen lead actress; Fex, the nerdy editor/visual effects guru; Milly, the down-trodden sound recordist; Ed, the sarcastic camera operator/grip; Wilton, the brown-nosing gopher; and Kacy, the unjustifiably optimistic new addition - struggling to achieve the latest insane idea that's caught Gustaf’s fancy.